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What is Collaborative Practice?

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is a non-adversarial process where your client selects a team of professionals who help them through their divorce.  The team will help your client create a plan for their children and answer financial and legal questions.  The Collaborative Divorce Team consists of two Collaborative Lawyers, two Divorce Coaches, a neutral Financial Specialist and a Child Specialist.  Each client selects their own Collaborative Lawyer and Divorce Coach.  Together, the clients select a neutral Financial Specialist and a Child Specialist.

The Collaborative Divorce team has specialized training to help your client:
  • Learn better ways to communicate
  • Answer questions your client has about divorce
  • Deal with your client's emotions
  • Make informed choices for your client's future
  • Address your client's parenting and time sharing concerns
  • Create a parenting plan for your client
  • Develop a financial plan for your client
  • Reach agreements
In a series of meetings with members of the Collaborative Divorce Team, your client can settle their divorce without going to Court.

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